Product Roadmap

Below is a list of features we have in our product pipeline. If there are particular features you would like to see added, please let us know. When we get a lot of requests for a particular feature we'll bump it up the pipeline. 


  • SMS Bulletins to users without Cribber mobile app
  • Pinned bulletins: bulletins can be pinned by admins, for easy and fast reference by users
  • Improved and simplified admin user interface
  • Live mode: live newsfeed display for TV screens


  1. Employee sign for specific bulletins and admins receive compliance report
  2. In app tests for onboarding and testing knowledge
  3. Bulk user invites to your team


  1. Private messaging
  2. Flexible (non mutually exclusive) groups within teams
  3. User profiles and @nicknames
  4. Commenting and @mentions in bulletins
  5. Email integration for sending bulletins
  6. Social sharing of bulletins
  7. Scheduled bulletins
  8. Adjustable admin user roles and responsibilities
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