Managing Company Administrators

When you sign up for Cribber, initially you'll be the only administrator for your Company. But let's be honest it will be much easier when you can farm out some of the work. That's why we allow your to have multiple administrators. This makes it super easy for you to manage Teams, Users and Bulletins across your organisation.

From the 'Admins' tab of the account page you can view the administrators for your company. Click the 'Invite an Admin' button to invite an administrator. When an administrator is invited they will be sent an email with a link for them to accept the invitation and set their account password.


The listing of administrators shows the status of every administrator invited for your company. From here you can perform several actions, such as resending or cancelling invites or deleting admin accounts, by clicking the relevant button. 

You can also transfer ownership of the Company Account to another administrator. This is important as only Owners can invite and delete other administrators or access the Billing section for the Company Account.

Happy broadcasting!

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