Managing Billing and Payments

NB. Our system is set up to collect credit card payments. However, for approved customers we will accept invoicing and bank transfers for payment. Please contact us if this is something you require.

When you sign up for Cribber, you're automatically placed on our free 30 day trial. During this initial 30 days there are no limits on your use of Cribber. Feel free to add as many Teams, Users and Administrators as you like. You can also send as many bulletins as you like.

You'll be prompted to add your billing information before the end of you free trial. This is simple to do via the Billing page in the Account section. Navigate there by clicking 'Account' or your first name in the menu and then selecting the Billing tab. Click 'Add Billing Information' and then enter your details. Your credit card information is stored securely by our Payment Provider (Stripe), the details aren't available to others, or us! 

At the end of your trial you can choose to move onto the Free Plan, provided you have a maximum of 1 team and 10 users. Simply ensure you meet these criteria and you'll be automatically added to this plan after your trial expires.

After you've added your billing formation you'll be charged your first bill at the end of your trial period. The amount on your first bill will depend on your number of users at that time. Note: Numbers of users are rounded up to the nearest unit of ten.

Payments are made at the beginning of a billing cycle. Therefore, any changes in the quantity of users during a billing cycle are added/deducted from your next bill, as your using more/less than you'd previously payed for that month. For example, changing from 50 to 53 users halfway through a billing cycle would add half the difference between 50 and 60 user per month to your next bill (1/2 x $3 x 60 - $3 x 50 = $30 / 2 = $15). Similarly, a reduction in user numbers is discounted from your next bill. Note: all the pro-rata payment adjustments are handled by Stripe, our Payment Provider.

If your use of Cribber changes and you'd like to downgrade to the free plan you can easily do this by clicking 'Downgrade to free plan' on the Billing tab of the Account section. Before you can do this, you need to ensure you have a maximum of 1 team and 10 users. You may need to close a team/user profile or two to do this.

You can change your billing information at any stage by clicking the 'Update Billing Information"  on the Billing page and making the required changes.

On the Billing page you will see a list of your previous invoices, which you can view and print. Also displayed is the estimate of your next bill, based on your last bill and use during the current billing period.

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