Working with Teams

What are Teams?

When using Cribber, users are assigned to teams. Think of a team as your organisation's own broadcasting base station for sending out important announcements in the way of bulletins.

For this reason they would typically represent a physical workplace. However, there are many instances where a team may be spread out across many different locations. Some examples of typical teams are:

  • Construction projects
  • Mine sites
  • Operating plants (refineries, smelters etc)
  • Logistical fleets
  • Hospitals
  • Sports teams
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Service teams
  • Emergency response teams
  • Business divisions

However, you may want to make smaller teams to be more selective about who receives each bulletins. Contact us if have queries about the best way to do this.

If you are yet to set up your first Team, please refer to our Getting Started With Cribber guide. 

Managing Teams

When on the team page, you can see a listing of your teams. Beside each listing are two numbers. The first indicates the number of users for that team, the second indicates the number of active alerts associated with that team. For more information on alerts, see our Bulletins guide.

You can update the name or logo of a station at anytime by clicking the cog icon for that team. 

By clicking the name of your station or clicking 'Manage Team' you are taken to a listing of users associated with that team. For more information on users, see our Managing Users guide.

Closing Teams

You may come to a point where a particular team is not required any longer. For instance, at the end of a project. This is where you'll want to close the team.

You can do this easily by clicking the cog icon for that team. When you're on the Team settings page, select 'Close Team' and confirm.

If you have any currently subscribed users on that team, they will no longer have access or receive bulletins associated with that team. However, if you made a mistake (don't stress) you can reopen the team at a later date.

Happy broadcasting!

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