Sending Bulletins


Bulletins are what Cribber is all about. Communicating your information direct to your people. 

A bulletin should be a concise message with a subject/title, and may contain several supporting documents or images as attachments.

Best practice is to standardise a bulletin's subject into certain categories that you consistently use. For example: safety bulletins, community bulletins, daily bulletins, emergency alerts etc. By coupling this with standardised attachment formats you can help avoid your information being misinterpreted or overlooked.

Note: attachments are limited to 4MB per bulletin and are limited to images (JPG, GIF, PNG), PDF or MS Word files. 

Sending Bulletins

You may have sent your first bulletin when you read our Getting Started With Cribber guide. If not, please refer to that guide in the first instance, then return here for some more information.

There are a couple of extra options you can select when sending out a bulletin. These include a flagging it as priority (response required) or pinned bulletin, sending as an SMS to inactive users and selecting the recipient teams.

If you select your bulletin to have priority, each recipient will be required to digitally sign the bulletin by entering their PIN code. The bulletin will remain at the top of their feed until this is completed.

You can select to have your bulletin pinned. Your workforce can access pinned bulletins at anytime from within the mobile app. This feature should be reserved for important reference information such as: key contacts, site maps, timetables etc. There is a limit of 10 pinned bulletins at any one time.

You can select to have the bulletin sent to inactive users. This means users you've invited, but have yet to install the Cribber app or accept the invite, will also receive the message as an SMS. The SMS will include a link which they can open in any smartphone's browser to view the bulletin and any attachments. If the bulletin is a priority bulletin, they can also acknowledge the bulletin from their smartphone's browser.

Before sending out a bulletin you'll need to select which teams should receive it by selecting the check box next to the name of the team(s). 

For information on the Typeform url box, see our Typeform guide for information on how you can send out polls, surveys and tests.

Managing Bulletins

If you selected a bulletin to be pinned, it will have a pin icon next to the subject. To unpin the bulletin, simply click the 'Unpin' button.

By selecting the 'Filter by' menu you can view either alerts, normal or pinned bulletins only.

You can delete bulletins, by the clicking 'Delete' button for that bulletin. When you confirm, the bulletin will be permanently deleted and will be removed from your users' bulletin feed.

Bulletin Statistics

When viewing your listing of bulletins, you'll notice a few statistics below each bulletin. These indicate: the number of initial bulletin recipients, the number of views of the bulletin, and the number of times any attachments have been opened.

You can then drill down further by clicking 'View Stats' to see when each recipient has viewed a bulletin and signed the bulletin (if priority). By clicking 'Download CSV' you can export this data to store for your records. Note: you can always come back and view this data later, it is never deleted unless you delete that bulletin.

This information is very powerful, as you get real insight into how your communication is being received. Use this feedback to improve your workplace communication effectiveness!

Happy broadcasting!


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