Managing Users


These are the people you're communicating with, those people with a need to know! Within Cribber they are the end recipients of your announcements, updates, bulletins, alerts, newsletters and general communication via the Cribber mobile app or SMS.

In general they are the employees at your workplace or members of your organisation. But, they could include visitors, contractors, clients, stakeholders, agents, vendors etc etc.

Managing Users

Users may be associated with one or more of your teams. To see a listing of users for a particular team you can select 'Teams' from the menu and then click the team's name or the 'Manage team' button.

Here you're presented with the complete list of active and invited users for that team.  You can sort the listing by name, company/organisation, last active or status. Alternatively you can search for a specific name. 

You can invite users by clicking the 'Invite Users' button, this is covered in our Getting Started With Cribber guide. You may want to send them a note letting them know they can expect an invite to your Cribber team. This template may help (we can also customise this for you if you like).

If a user hasn't accepted your invite for some time, you might want to check with them that you have the right mobile number. If it's the wrong number, you should close this user profile and then invite them again as a new user. Or, if they've lost the invite SMS you can resend it by clicking 'Re-invite'.

Closing User Profiles

If a user leaves your workplace and you no longer need to communicate with them, you'll want to close their user profile. To do this you select the check box next to one or more users, then select 'Close Profiles' and confirm.

Once you close a profile that user will no longer have access to or receive any bulletins for that team. If you made a mistake in closing a particular profile. Whoops! You'll need to invite them again as a new user.

Happy broadcasting!

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