Managing Your Account

After you've signed up for and logged in to your Cribber account, it's possible to add some details. 

This extra information helps us to provide you with more personalised service. In the event that you contact our support team, they'll be better served to give you the assistance you need. 

By clicking on the 'Account' menu item, you can then enter further information, including:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Time zone

While here, you can also change your account's email address and/or password. For any changes you'll also need to enter your current password.

If you're unhappy with Cribber you can click at the bottom of the screen to cancel your account. Note: after confirming your cancellation, this cannot be undone and your teams and user profiles will be closed!

To view and edit your billing and payment information click on the 'Billing' tab. See our Managing Billing and Payments guide for more information.

To add extra administrators for your company account click on the 'Admins' tab. See our Managing Company Administrators guide for more information.

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