Getting Started with Cribber

Cribber is a web-based application that works on most web browsers, including those on tablets and mobile devices. For the best experience a desktop, laptop or tablet should be used.

In this article, you'll learn the first steps to using Cribber, including:

  • Signing up your organisation
  • Creating a team for your workplace
  • Inviting users
  • Sending bulletins

So, let's get started!

Signing Up

To sign up your organisation you'll need to navigate to

Simply enter your details, and then validate your email address by clicking the link in the email we send you.

Once you've done that, you'll be logged straight in.

You can add further details about yourself in the account section at your leisure. For now, that's all we need.

Once you're into the admin interface, you'll be greeted with a welcome dashboard. At this stage you can disregard this guide and follow those steps! However, for easy reference, we'll include all the details here.

Creating Your First Team

A team should represent a workplace and is what your users will subscribe to. Think of it like your organisation's own transmitting base station. Typically, this would represent a physical place of work. But it's really up to you!

You can create a team at any time by clicking 'Teams' from the menu and then selecting the 'Create team' button. Or by simply by clicking the 'Add team' button on the sidebar of the main bulletin feed.

Then, you can select a descriptive name for your team and upload a logo. These will accompany your bulletins as seen by your users, so pick wisely!

If you set a team passcode, users who accept your team invites will need to enter this passcode as an extra layer of security. You will have to communicate this passcode to them outside of the Cribber app.

Inviting Users

Next, you'll want to invite your users to subscribe to your new team. You may want to send them a note letting them know they can expect an invite to your Cribber team. This template may help (we can also customise this for you if you like).

Click you team's name from the list of your teams to bring up your (empty) list of users. Then select the 'Invite users' button at the bottom of the page.

Fill in the user's details, most importantly their mobile number, as they'll receive their invite via SMS. Then, select 'Invite'.

The user will receive an SMS inviting them to install the Cribber mobile app. Once they're logged into the app, they can accept your invite. Once they've accepted your invite will they receive your bulletins.

NB. You can still send bulletins to users without the Cribber mobile app, by selecting send as SMS, see below.

You can continue and invite your entire team, or if your ready to go, let's send out your first bulletin!

Sending Bulletins

A bulletin is an announcement that is broadcast to the subscribed users of your team(s). To get started click 'Create bulletin' from the bulletin feed page.

Fill in the subject and content boxes, select your team and then upload your intended attachments, which may be images or documents. In most instances, the bulletin message content may simply summarise what you have attached.

You can select to make the bulletin a priority alert, to pin it for easy reference, and to SMS to people without the Cribber mobile app. Then click 'Send', and it's away!

That's it! Now you can return to the bulletin page and see how many users receive, view and open the attachments for your bulletin. 

Happy broadcasting!


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