Using Typeform for surveys and tests

Why Typeform? is an awesome tool for creating great looking and super easy to use custom forms, polls, surveys, quizzes and tests. We love it so much we wanted Cribber to integrate with it, so your users can complete your forms using their mobile, without leaving the Cribber app. 

You can include whatever you like in your forms. Such as, requesting feedback on the latest safety procedure, a poll on what the next social event should be, or something more complex like a quiz testing knowledge retention from the last toolbox meeting.

You can sign up for a free Typeform account at the link above and they have a great help center to get you moving at

Survey's and Polls in Cribber

With a free Typeform account you can create simple, anonymous polls and surveys, which work seamlessly with Cribber.

Simply copy and paste your typeform link into the 'Typeform url' box on the 'Create a new bulletin' screen. When you send this out to your team(s), they can open up the form within the Cribber app. Try our simple poll now using the following url -

Your users will see the following screens, when they tap through to the survey.



Pretty cool right! It's an effective way to get feedback from your team(s)! This is a very basic example, there are plenty of other ways to build your Typeforms, so start experimenting.

Coming next we'll look at ways to build tests and quizzes to test your team's knowledge.

Building a Scored Test

Firstly, you'll need a Pro Typeform Account to use the features described in this section of the guide. See their website for more info and a free trial. For our Enterprise customers we can provide this for you.

A scored test will allow you to test each member of your team(s) on their knowledge retention and receive back their score for the test. You'll also be able to personalise the test, using their name and give them feedback on how they went at the end.

To do this we use three Typeform features: hidden fields, logic jumps and calculator.

When you send out a test using Cribber and Typeform we send three hidden fields through to Typeform. These allow you to personalise the test experience and receive test results back from Typeform for each team member. The three hidden fields we use are: firstname, surname and mobile. See the below screenshot for where you set these in your Typeform.

 You can then use these fields to personalise the test for your team members. See the below screen shots for a personalised welcome screen set in Typeform and the result in the Cribber app. 


Next we add our questions and use the Typeform calculator feature to keep track of the score. Firstly create a question, be sure to use a question with a definite answer like a multi-choice question. Make sure you set the question as 'Required' otherwise it may be skipped.

After hitting 'Save' we click the calculator icon on our newly created question. Here we can set the calculator to track the score. See below for the most common way to do this, by counting the number of correct answers chosen. However, we can assign different scores to each question and/or have more than one correct answer.

 Now, once your team members have submitted their test responses. You'll be able to view the results under 'Analyze' and 'Results' in your Typeform. See below for our example. You should notice the answer given for each question, the three hidden fields we set (firstname, surname, mobile) and the score they received for the test. These results can be exported for your records by clicking 'Download'.

Last but not least, you can use the Typeform logic jump feature to give the test taker immediate feedback on how they went. First, create your different thank you screens. In our example we've set one screen (B) for a 100% result and another for one or more incorrect responses (A). 

Then, click the logic jump icon on the last question of your test (by hovering your mouse over the question first). Then set the conditions for your logic jumps. In our example 100% is 2 as we have only 2 questions, this jumps to thank you screen A.

That's it! Your test is ready to go. As with a simple poll, copy and past the Typeform link into the Typeform url box when creating your bulletin in Cribber. (Note: Be sure to delete the ? and anything to the right in the url)

Try sending out our example test out if you like -

More Help?

For more help creating your own custom polls, surveys and tests please get in touch at

Also be sure to check out Typeform's help section. A number of relevant articles are listed below:

Thanks for reading this guide and happy broadcasting!



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